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Topic Classes 8/4

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Topic Classes

Tuesday 8/4, 8:15 - 9:15 p.m.


Special Topic Class


These classes are your chance to learn about different aspects of the Scottish music tradition that our faculty is particularly passionate about!  Each session will delve into diverse topics and give you insight into some important (and awesome!) tools and ideas you can use to expand your understanding of Scottish fiddling.  Here is today's topic:


Tim MacDonald teaches  "Shetland-Style Fiddling"

I am a fiddler ta my trade,

An aa da world weel know it,

I screw my pins and plink my strings

An rub my bow wi roset.

Long winter nights on cold North Sea islands are perfect fuel for some fiery fiddling and dancing, and Shetland has a formidable fiddling tradition that—like the archipelago itself—sits partway between mainland Scotland and Norway. In this special topic class we'll learn a few popular Shetland tunes, work on our Shetland style, and see what that teaches us about playing tunes from the mainland too!



Tune Time


All six sessions:  Dr John Turner 


John Turner - a 10-time National Scottish Fiddle Champion and founder/artistic director of Jink & Diddle - is renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of and passion for 18th century Scottish traditional fiddle music, as well as the stories behind it.  Three nights each week, Dr. Turner will explore:

      1. the Macglashan Collection, the eighteenth century music source designated for study at Jink 2020
      2. the Jink Book o’ Tunes 2020, a contemporary collection of tunes composed by Jinkers and instructors
      3. Jink’s collection of Rally Music, filled with favourite traditional tunes.

Dr John will undoubtedly share gems of related Scottish history and impart wisdom from his many years dedicated to the preservation of Scottish music.  Come play along and immerse yourself in some tunes and tales with one of the greats from the rich Scottish fiddling tradition!

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